Fairly Frugal Fella

(Hey, it’s me!)

About Fairly Frugal Fella:

Fairly Frugal Fella here and welcome! I’m just an average twenty something fella with an interest in personal finance. Four years ago when I graduated college and started earning a livable salary I thought I understood finances, but at the end of each month I still ended up a broke fella. Contemplating where I went wrong, I discovered the wealth of knowledge available to me about personal finance. I researched just about every blog, article, forum I could and soaked it all in. Realizing I had enough money, I just needed to spend less. Alas, Fairly Frugal Fella was born.

Once I started spending less, I realized how little I really needed in terms of consumer goods, to make me happy. Experiences to me will far out way any materialistic goods. Often times, you’ll catch me wearing cheap blank T shirts and 5 year old shoes. (I have nice clothes stashed away when the occasion warrants it, I’m no savage).

I’ve read tons of blogs that I followed religiously, and maybe one day I’ll add a blogroll for these blogs, but for now I want to focus on quality content that keeps you entertained and hopefully informed about being fairly frugal. I started to realize a stark difference from these bloggers and me.

Most went into great careers where the pay kept increasing exponentially, while in contrast to me, my income is decently average and I think is relatable to a lot of you out there. I may not be able to retire by 30, but hopefully I’ll be on the road to retirement before 50. With that being said, I love my career, so its easy.

Fairly Frugal Fellas’ Attributes

  • I’m a 27 year old fella
  • Earning right under 50k/year
  • Paycheck to paycheck to spending less than half my income in a year
  • I work two jobs averaging 46 hours/week
  • I love lists and charts (can’t you tell?!)
  • My net worth has gone from negative to roughly 60% of my salary in 3 years.

What’s The Point Fairly Frugal Fella?

I started this blog as a hobby for something I’m passionate about: personal finance. Secondary to that, I’ve discovered I enjoy writing (whether its legible, entertaining or just plain garbage). It’s been a refreshing outlet.

With the inception of this blog, I’m hoping to achieve a few goals. Personal and otherwise.

  • Entertain people like me with relatable content. (hopefully, I spout out some useful information along the way).
  • To track my progress of paying off my car by the end of 2017.  Check that here
  • To grow my net worth and hopefully reach 6 figures by 30 (*gulp* that’s in 3 years)

If you want to get started on keeping up with me and my ramblings, start at the beginning.